Our Founding Story

Patient Pass was born of necessity, stemming from the struggle of an ordinary medical practice trying to keep up with the daily flood of voicemail.

As a member of this practice, Dr. K.L. Mitchell saw firsthand the frustration his patients experienced when trying to get through to his office. Calls were dropped. Voicemails were saved under the wrong extensions. Messages were lost. And phone-tag took up so much time.

And beside dissatisfied patients, Dr. Mitchell could see the toll this was taking on the staff. They really wanted to help, but just didn’t have the right tools.

Enough was enough. There had to be a better way. But soon, Dr. Mitchell discovered that everything out there was designed for larger health systems. Nothing suited the needs of smaller medical practices. The options were either crazily expensive or much too complicated, full of features his group practice would never use.

So he created Patient Pass – a solution designed to meet the needs of not only his office but other offices he saw struggling with the same communication issues.

The change was dramatic. Patients were happy, staff was happy, and the practice ran smoother than ever.

And now, Patient Pass is available to help your clinic share in that same success.