Clinic communication made easy

Patient Pass lets you send and receive HIPAA-compliant messages with your patients and team, all from a single desktop view.

You will be able to see instantly who needs a response. And you’ll have a date/time-stamped record of every message sent and received! 

Patient Chat

We use SMS text messaging so patients can connect with you right from their phone. No need to navigate a clunky patient portal – and it’s all secure, encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.

Chat with patients in real-time right from your desktop.

And color-coding makes it easy to prioritize your responses.

Even better, you can send and receive attachments while chatting, making it easy to get patients the paperwork they need, while maintaining a complete health record.

You can kiss phone tag goodbye.

Team Chat

Our secure technology also makes it easy to message other members of your team. You can even loop them into a patient chat. And it all shows up on the same desktop view, so everything is in one place.

No more adding on to your own team’s voicemail. And no more getting up from your desk to hunt down a colleague – only to find you’ve missed 6 more messages while you were away.

To-Do Lists

Our built-in To-Do Lists are easier to use and more trackable than sticky notes or paper notebooks.

As the Admin, you can quickly assign a task to any member of your team.

And staff can immediately see newly assigned tasks right from their desktop view. Staff can even add notes from patient chats directly to their own To-Do lists.

Never worry about an important note getting lost
under a keyboard again.

Safe, Secure, HIPAA-compliant

We use encryption technology to secure your messages and your practice information. That means every patient message, every team chat, and every to-do list you make in Patient Pass is secure.

Hassle-free Set-up

To get started, we just ask a few simple questions about your practice. No lengthy trainings or implementation are required. You will be able to start using Patient Pass immediately – it’s that easy.

You get a 30-day free trial. And while we do need a credit card to establish your Patient Pass dedicated text number, you will not be charged for 30 days. And you can cancel any time.